Dear Friends and Neighbors,

There is so much to love about living in Oregon, and Eugene!   The natural beauty all around us. The creative, can-do spirit of our people.

In Oregon we can build on the strong points, and tackle the obvious problems that remain, to become better.  Serving in the legislature gives me a great opportunity to work on both.  There is no shortage of good ideas, and I’ve proven that I can write bills and get them passed, set good budget priorities, and help my colleagues do the same, in order to make progress.  Please see the “legislative accomplishments” page for details.  I’m especially proud of several ideas that I promoted to help local programs and that wind up benefiting the entire state, including funding for school health centers, projects that helped build “Track Town” into a national brand, and preserving archaeological and anthropological collections at UO’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

In the “good ideas” department, I spend a lot of time talking with, and listening to the concerns of, people and organizations here at home.  A few examples of those who have provided a critical spark: Looking Glass, Pearl Buck Center, CASA, and the 4J School Board.   A constituent whose family heirloom necklace was stolen in a home burglary.  AARP, high school students, and Stand for Children. 

My priorities for a new term are in the areas of jobs and economy, health care, education, smarter government, and transportation. Specific priorities include: increasing access and decreasing cost for health care and health insurance, primarily focusing on primary care and early treatment; supporting continued jobs and economic recovery through smart budget choices such as investing in people and infrastructure including small business, schools, transportation and local projects, technical and career training, and alternative energy sources; making government work smarter, requiring more accountability and oversight for public contracts and  streamlining processes; improving Oregon’s rail system; and keeping Oregon’s commitment to improving – not dissolving – public education, including funding for more courses and classrooms, better student/teacher ratio, and programs for early learning and career readiness.

I am honored to be representing and advocating for the citizens residing in north and downtown Eugene.   If you are interested in helping me continue to represent you, please volunteer.